The Workplace

OK, time for work. Before taking the bus, I could not help myself and stopped at the kiosk  to get some nice cappuccino.

cappuccino and beverage
cappuccino at the kiosk

and some fresh pressed orange juice to go, since the oranges just smelled to good. This little luxury costs me around 40 NIS, let’s see how long I keep that up.

So, then time to go across the street and hop on the nr 70 bus  to Bar-Ilan University (BIU).

From the stop at  the A4 its a short walk to the North entrance of BIU. However,  30° Celsius  and 70% humidity make it noticeable.

North entrance to BIU

So then I enter the engineering  building (map).

Engineering building at BIU
engineering building at BIU

And set up shop at my desk in the acoustics lab.

my desk in the acoustics lab

After a while, some other researchers entered (it’s lecture-free time and holidays, so quite a few people are away). Everyone greets me very friendly and has some advice on sightseeing and living in Tel Aviv.

The air conditioning is so powerful that it is almost to cold, but it’s definitely preferable and makes working easier if not at all possible.

Apart from that, I work on my current paper and thesis. In between there are some discussions with coworkers on our respective research and possible collaborations, as well as on technical issues.

It feels good to have no other duties like teaching, especially  when a flock of students appears in order to flood one of my coworkers with questions. Been there, done that.

In the evening, I return to  Rothschild for some quick shopping and finding a new place to eat.