Flat hunting

Fortunately I was able to go to Tel Aviv for a few days in order to search for an affordable accommodation before my actual stay. I took a hotel at Rothschild Boulevard since I wanted to stay in the city center.

Rothschild Boulevard
In the boulevard, there are free cots, books and of course free WiFi.
It is lined with Bauhaus buildings.
At the kiosk, one can buy the fresh pressed orange juice and the delicious coffee.
Bike Rental at Rothschild
There is also a bike rental system I have to figure out.

I gave an introductory talk at Bar Ilan University and met some of my future colleagues.

For that I took the bus … which was a little adventure in itself. Apart from the Arabic numbers, everything is written in Hebrew, and the buses do not always go the full track. After accidentally being stranded at a mayor train or bus station, which happend to me twice going back into town, I had to resort to asking around to find my way back to the hotel. Luckily, the locals are very friendly and most of them understand English.

Most importantly, I managed to make a few appointments via Internet and meet some landlords and residents. It looks like I will get a sublet directly at Rothschild, near all the bars, restaurants, theaters, museums, and just 10 minutes from the beach.